Insurance Rip-offs

If you have been trained to call the insurance company for help and advice, you can expect to get a fast low balled settlement or being sent to a discount repair company who uses discount labor and imitation parts for your name brand car.

The insurance adjuster’s job is to protect his company by dodge, delay, deny or to low ball your claim to save his company money.

It is unrealistic to buy discount insurance and get first class restoration services.

When you don’t have a disaster recovery plan before, during, and after a wreck, you are likely to squander several days of your life learning the hard way.

Discount insurance is never cheap! It will cost you far more in lost time and quality services that are more than your discount.

Adjusters and their discount repair companies can lay many traps. If you say or do the wrong thing, you may get partial repair, a shoddy repair, or no repair at all. Do not be trained. Get educated to Win the Insurance Claim Game.